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            Company Profile

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                       Shenzhen  xinye-tex.industrial co.ltd is a professional linen /ramie textile large enterprise that was built in 1995 in china ,the company covers a ground space of 410000 square meters and 15000 spindles of long spinning and 30000 spindles short spinning equipment. In addition the 6 sets air-flow spinning machine .580 sets shaft machine.

                    The products include ramie fibre, yarn. fabric and garment. The yarn mainly are pure ramie/linen/hemp/jute/sisal/cotton yarn. Ramie cotton/linen cotton/hemp cotton/linen viscose/ramie viscose blended yarn. .The fabric mainly are pure ramie/linen/hemp/jute/sisal fabric. Ramie cotton/linen cotton/hemp cotton /linen viscose /ramie viscose  blended fabric. etc. We also can produce jacquard,fancy, yarn-dyed,printed,coated and pigment fabrics according to clients' detailed demands.

                   Shenzhen xinye-tex.industrial co.ltd  can produce annually about ramie fibre 4500tons. 3000 tons yarns, 12,000,000 meters grey fabrics,28,000,000 meters finished fabrics. The products have been most popular with our customers worldwide, we are annually exporting linen ramie fabrics with 8 millions meters and garments with one million pieces to many countries such as Europe.USA , South America . Asia .Africa etc.

                   Shenzhen   xinye-tex.industrial co.ltd  always adheres to the principle of "Honesty and Trustworthiness". We are willing to establish and develop business relations with friends all over the world on the basis of equality and mutual benefits. Warmly welcome to the negotiation and visit to our company,and create a brilliant future together.,

            About Us

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